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Inkari - Alpaca

Inkari create handmade products made of alpaca wool. All the products are made in Peru from the highest quality wool and by the best producers. The founders, Daniel and Neal, strongly believes in equality and transparency. All those in Peru helping towards creating the products for you are respected, given both fair wages and fair treatment. Fair trade is the number one priority in the relationship with their employees. Additionally, all products are entirely animal friendly. The alpacas from which the wool is produced are sheared once a year. This wool is, in almost all cases, the number one source of income for Peruvian farmers. Therefore, the alpacas are treated respectfully and are never harmed.

Alpaca wool is of extremely high quality, and one of the most exclusive fibers in the world. The natural habitat of alpacas is in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Due to the large difference in temperature and extreme altitudes, the alpaca has evolved a special, smooth, hollow fiber. Their wool is not only tremendously soft and light, but also insulates during cold temperatures, and becomes breathable in high heat. This unique combination makes for a very comfortable product of high quality.

By purchasing a fairtrade fluffy toy, you are supporting farmers in the highlands of Peru. The Creating Water Foundation is a nonprofit organization active in Peru that is dedicated to helping people who no not have access to clean drinking water. The foundation does this by using sustainable solution in extremely dry, un-farmable areas, by catching water from mist in the air using completely sustainable: The sun, wind and water.

  • Inkari - Alpaca Alpaca Medium - Blond - Pearls & Swines
    Inkari - Alpaca Alpaca Medium - Blond - Pearls & Swines
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    Inkari - Alpaca

    Alpaca Medium - Blond


    This beautiful cuddley alpaca is made out of soft alpaca wool from Peru. This is definitely the softest little alpaca that you will ever feel! They...

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