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Paola reina

A doll is a small copy of a human being. The doll helps the child to adapt to the world that surrounds him or her. Each doll contains information about a certain lifestyle. While playing with a doll, a child is learning to build up relationships with other people and is living through different life situations. A child might identify himself or herself with a doll, and it can become a conductor or his or her mental state. Paola Reina dolls bring out the best in any child, create positive emotions: smile, happiness, tenderness, wish to care about somebody.

Paola Reina is a company that is born in the bosom of a family in the foia of Castalla (Alicante) in 1994. From this moment and in this new adventure the new company has incorporated a team of professionals with an experience of more than 50 years, and some new savant in order to innovate with the tendencies of nowadays. The lovely Paola Reina dolls are completely handmade in Spain. All made of the best quality and materials which comply with all the European regulations of quality and safety. The dolls are made from vinyl with a delicious fragrance of vanilla. All dolls are free from phthalates.