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Susan Bijl

We would love to introduce you the new SUSAN BIJL collection called ‘Recollection’. ‘Recollection’ is a colourful celebration, offering many favourites from SUSAN BIJL collections of the past 20 years. Together all these recreated colour combinations form a surprisingly coherent and very joyful overview of what SUSAN BIJL has stood for all these years. Always fresh, always original, and always moving forward.

‘Recollection’ is not just a flashback on the bag with the flash, it’s also a rejoice of plastic not produced, not used, not wasted, and not ending in nature. It’s a remembrance of what SUSAN BIJL is: a sustainable alternative, a catalyst in the revolution.

It’s also a flash-forward, as we continuously rethink our means of production, in a constant re-evaluation of our impact on the environment. Recycling is key, and so is repackaging. The research never stops, in our effort to reshape consumer behaviour. ‘Recollection’ is one of the first SUSAN BIJL collections completely made of recycled ripstop nylon.