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Wooden Story

The toys are inspired by nature and created in the Beskidy Mountains. They improve senses, they are soft to the touch, they catch your eye with natural colours and they smell of wood. With wooden blocks you can conjure the most amazing buildings.

A walk with wooden pram can turn into a beautiful story made up by your kid. Freedom in creation stimulates inventiveness, awakes imagination. These beautiful toys are made of wood that comes from FSC certified suppliers. They are made of the best, carefully selected wood and they are not "poisoned" with toxic paints or varnish. Wooden Story use all natural eco-certified paints to colour them. That gives the certainty, that your child will play with toys free of any harmful substances. Beeswax and botanical oils give them a soft polished finish. The eco-friendly canvas bags and boxes are designed to be reused or easily recycled.

There is one more thing that makes the toys so special - they can be passed from generation to generation. We hope, that your grandchildren will discover their own Wooden Story in toys of your children. If so, forest, water, air and our whole planet will benefit from this.