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Moonie Humming Bunny Sleep Aid - Powder

by Moonie
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Moonie is the ultimate baby sleep aid.

The gentle sounds soothe the babies from the first day of their life. It reminds the baby of the conditions in mummy’s womb. Each Moonie bunny has 7 colours of light you can choose from and can be a night lamp when the hum is off. The shining belly can be helpful during the night care without the need for any extra light. The night lamp has 5 settings of soothing light. LED lamp does not warm up and is safe for the toddlers.

The Moonie Humming Bunny features 5 calming sounds;

  • womb
  • wind
  • deep ocean
  • sea waves
  • rain

The smart cry detector activates the hum once the baby starts crying.

The shining belly helps to overcome the fear of darkness and the hum helps toddlers to;

  • gently fall asleep
  • sleep longer
  • calm down faster
  • develop proper sleeping routine.

The Moonie Bunny is machine washable and can be charged via USB.