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Rockstyle Gift Box - Blissful Baby


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A baby this cute deserves the blissful vibes of these beautiful gemstones. The innocence and sweet baby vibes are a perfect match with these Rocks. Take a look at the soft colours and delicate radiance. Give them a cosy place in the nursery or living room – out of reach of the little baby fingers – and enjoy this special time you have together.  

Labradorite: stimulates the fantasy and protects the little one from harmful influences. 

Rose Quartz: radiates lovely and harmonious vibes. This Rocks suits little kids very well for it stimulates their creativity.

Rock Crystal: provides a pure energy to its surroundings, neutralizes and boosts the qualities of the other Rocks.

A beautiful giftbox with 3 Rocks and a note with information (in Dutch). The size of the box is 12,5 cm/8 cm/3,7 cm. All Rocks are unique, so they never look exactly the same as the ones in these pictures. Believe us when we say that you'll always receive beauties!