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Rockstyle Gift Box - Wonder Child

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You are such an amazing and talented kid! That’s why these awesome gemstones now belong to you. Just take a look at the beautiful colours and feel how each Rock feels differently. The treasures in this box will help you to develop all your talents. Give the a special place in your room and enjoy!

The gemstones have the following qualities:

Orange Calcite will make you feel happy and cheerful. It will also enhance your self-confidence and gives you extra courage! 

Pyrite will help you to see the ways of the world and will bring out the best in you!

Rock Crystal gives you energy or calms you down when you need it, so you’ll feel good! And it boosts the qualities of the other gemstones.

A beautiful giftbox with 3 Rocks and a note with information (in Dutch). The size of the box is 12,5 cm/8 cm/3,7 cm. All Rocks are unique, so they never look exactly the same as the ones in these pictures. Believe us when we say that you'll always receive beauties!